Sunday, May 02, 2010

Chinese Silk / Tibetan Wool Rugs - Luxury Rugs by New Moon

Just because you walk on the floor doesn’t mean it can’t look its best. These stunning Chinese silk and Tibetan wool combination rugs are art you can walk on! These luxury rugs by New Moon Rugs (owned by artist and renowned rug historian John Kurtz) follow the time-honored tradition of weaving, only they tell a modern story. The New Moon collection of fine rugs features rich colors and modern motifs. Lively patterns complement the hot hues. For a gentler approach to style, the Classic Collection rugs are like pouring milk into your coffee – toned down, but every bit as tasty. Here’s a small but sweet sampling:


Ocelot in Snow

Trinidad in Citrus

Savannah in Midnight/Silver

Trellis in Yellow

chinese-silk-tibetan-wool-rugs-new-moon-6.jpgBest of interior and architecture

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