Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Amazing Waterfront Architecture : Norwegian Opera House in Oslo

The amazing waterfront architecture featured in this article is the Norwegian Opera House in Oslo, Norway. This project was voted on in 1999 by the government to be built as an urban redevelopment effort. It is located in Bjørvika on the waterfront at the Oslo fjord. The government pushed that this building should be designed and created as a national landmark for the arts. The architecture firm of Snøhetta AS was hired for the project. You can see from the pictures the challenges in creating such a building on the waterfront with this vulnerability to tidal surge. This project was winner of the Mies van der Rohe Award for in 2009 which honors contemporary architecture achievement.

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Norwegian Opera House in Oslo Norway
Special thanks for this article go to my great friend and opera singer, Joe Key. I also want to thank e-architectand my friends over at Dezona.Best of interior and architecture

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