Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lake House Architecture with Modern Wraparound Roof

Here's a really cool lake house design. With architect Todd Saunders of Saunders Architecture at the helm, this modern, boat-inspired vacation home boasts just the right blend of rustic charm and contemporary influences. With a wood roof that wraps around to form the rear wall and the floor, this compact cottage retreat is like a warm embrace, welcoming residents and their lucky guests to relax and take in the amazing lake view via the fully glazed front facade. A large deck stretches out across the front of the lake house, which is nestled peacefully between forest and the waterfront. The interior of this wood cabin design is minimalist, pared right down to the base essentials. This unique house design was somewhat of an experimental venture for this young, Norway-based architecture firm. “The main dilemma for emerging architects is finding clients willing to take a chance with young, enthusiastic architects that have limited experience,” according to Saunders Architecture. “When we first started our firm, instead of looking for clients we went looking for plots, to build an experimental structure. In doing this, we could pursue our architectural vision in line with our convictions: uncompromising, original and respect for the landscape.” Saunders Architecture.lake-house-architecture-saunders-1.jpglake-house-architecture-saunders-2.jpglake-house-architecture-saunders-4.jpglake-house-architecture-saunders-9.jpglake-house-architecture-saunders-3.jpglake-house-architecture-saunders-5.jpglake-house-architecture-saunders-6.jpglake-house-architecture-saunders-7.jpglake-house-architecture-saunders-8.jpglake-house-architecture-saunders-10.jpglake-house-architecture-saunders-11.jpg Best of interior and architecture

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