Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Met Hotel in Thessaloniki by Zeppos Georgiadi Architects

Zeppos Georgiadi Architects designed the Met Hotel in Thessaloniki, Greece; while the “Chan” restaurant inside the hotel was designed by Australian designer Andy Martin.


tm_170211_01 tm_170211_02 tm_170211_03 tm_170211_05 tm_170211_07 tm_170211_08 tm_170211_11 tm_170211_12 tm_170211_13 tm_170211_14 tm_170211_15 tm_170211_17 tm_170211_18 tm_170211_19 tm_170211_20 tm_170211_21 tm_170211_22 tm_170211_23 tm_170211_24 tm_170211_26 tm_170211_27 tm_170211_28 tm_170211_29 tm_170211_30 tm_170211_32 tm_170211_33 tm_170211_34 tm_170211_35 tm_170211_36 tm_170211_37 tm_170211_38 tm_170211_39 tm_170211_40 tm_170211_41 tm_170211_42 tm_170211_43 tm_170211_44 tm_170211_45 tm_170211_46 tm_170211_48 tm_170211_49 tm_170211_50 tm_170211_51 tm_170211_52 tm_170211_53 tm_170211_54 tm_170211_55 tm_170211_56 tm_170211_57 tm_170211_58 tm_170211_59 tm_170211_60 tm_170211_61 tm_170211_62 tm_170211_63 tm_170211_64 tm_170211_65 tm_170211_66 tm_170211_67 tm_170211_68 tm_170211_69 tm_170211_70 tm_170211_71 tm_170211_72 tm_170211_73 tm_170211_74 tm_170211_75 tm_170211_76 tm_170211_77 tm_170211_78 tm_170211_79Best of interior and architecture

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