Thursday, September 09, 2010

Too Many Balls In The Air?


Sometimes you feel like you have too many balls in the air? Not for Ratcliffe Fowler. They are just enough as we can see from his Nike Ball Man in play. Each strand hangs in suspense from the ceiling, forming the shape of an athlete at play. A total of 5,500 skill balls weighing a total of 4.75 tons. One out of place might bring it out of balance.

Balancing the balls in this kinetic sculpture at BMW’s Museum, Munich, is exquisite. Simply, beautiful. There is nothing simple about how it fluidly performs. Art+Com created the 714 metal orbs which drop out of the ceiling, dance around much like synchronized swimmers do performing their water ballet. The orbs eventually create the outline of a car, yes a BMW, then glide onto a mirrored floor. Enough said. Please watch the performance and enjoy the music while waiting.

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