Tuesday, March 09, 2010

United Nude Shoes


Stepping out of the norm for Rem D. Koolhas is probably not a far stretch. When the Dutch architect met Galahad Clark, a seventh generation shoemaker from Somerset England, no less, United Nude was born. I do own a pair of United Nude shoes and come to find out they not only look like they were designed by an architect they are.


The eye turning Möbius is a revolutionary achievement in construction and design. Everywhere I went people would stop me and ask about my shoes prompting further investigation. They look advanced and fit great. Thank goodness some men care about what it feels like to wear a pair of high heels not only what a woman looks like in them.

Inspired by Meis van der Rohe’s Barcelona chair, the Möbius strip is formed with a single piece uniting the sole, the heel, the foot-bed and the upper. This launch, of their now classic, lead to many other designs and collaborations.



The Eamz (above) is half shoe and half chair…does that mean you are sitting while you are standing? In any case Ray and Charles Eames may have been surprised to see their chair transformed into a shoe.


The Stealth is fashioned after the F-117 fighter plane.


Then there is the Block, the Cosmo, the Helix something for every design loving maven. What is next? Well a whole website of goodies in a range of colors with fun fabrics and many stores around the world carrying the brand. So now which pair do I wear first?

For more information and styles visit United Nude.

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