Friday, December 18, 2009

AIGA medalists

Herb Lubalin poster design
Herb Lubalin poster design: The Next War (1972)

The medal of AIGA—the most distinguished in the graphic arts field—is awarded to individuals in recognition of their exceptional achievements, services or contributions to the field of design & visual communication.

The first medal was given to Norman T. A. Munder in 1920. Munder was a pioneer in modern printing, and—according to Wikipedia—won his gold AIGA medal in a printing exhibition. Since 1920, many great designers have been been recognised, including Paul Rand (1966), Milton Glaser (1972), Herb Lubalin (1980), Massimo and Lella Vignelli (1982), and Kit Hinrichs (2004).

Saul Bass logos
Saul Bass logos, symbols and packaging. Designed between 1963-1980.

You can view all AIGA medalists here, and it’s always good to learn how the most distinguished in the design profession ply their trade.Best of interior and architecture

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