Thursday, August 13, 2009

Innovative Brazilian Architecture - concrete house with folded wood walls

What has been dubbed "House 53" is a number-one in our books! It's Brazilian Architecture at its best. This cool wood, concrete and glass house design in Sao Paulo, Brazil designed by Brazilian architect Marcio Kogan has so many layers of architecture and interest, starting with its unusual shell. When closed, this organic wooden exterior creates a private, natural enclosure with a uniform, pure aesthetic. When opened, this enclosure appears as a folded feature wall in front of the home's posterior concrete and glass walls. In contrast to the early facade, the main walls are cool and contemporary, with floor-to-ceiling sliding-glass walls that open indoor living spaces to the outdoors. The upper-most level of this three-floor home is set back from the edge, resulting in a unique triple-tier look. Marcio Kogan via Contemporistwood-shell-house-1.jpgwood-shell-house-2.jpgwood-shell-house-9.jpgwood-shell-house-7.jpgwood-shell-house-3.jpgwood-shell-house-4.jpgwood-shell-house-5.jpgwood-shell-house-6.jpgwood-shell-house-8.jpgwood-shell-house-10.jpg Best of interior and architecture

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